School Council

From Year 1, two members of each class, a girl and a boy, are elected by their peers to represent their class as School Councillors. Selecting the councilors allows us to explore democracy in action and ensures pupils voices are heard on all aspects of school life.

Classes hold a Class Council meeting (within their classroom) then the School Councillor feeds this back to the School Council team. Each School Councillor will lead the Class Council session and record their classes’ ideas and answers to the questions posed.

Projects that the School Council have been involved in  include having their own stall at our Christmas Fair, collating their peers’ questions on our Academy conversion and working with councils from other Wilmslow schools on planning and delivering two Cultural Diversity Days (see #GorseyCD).

In July 2015, the council won the Independent Learning Award as part of the end of year awards ceremony. They also lobbied for a crossing on Altrincham Road.

Last year they set up a healthy school tuck shop to raise awareness of the benefits of healthy eating. This was done over the full school year with the children planning and researched effective tuck shops, presenting their findings to Mrs Woolley ansd then arriving at school at 8am every Friday to help prepare! proceeds from the money they raised were given to charity.

This year, they have been supporting the whole school aim of valuing community and have most recently helped select two charities (The Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary and the In Together Dementia Cafe) which we will be learning about across the school and supporting through a variety of events (which have already raised nearly £1000!)