School Lunches

Our recipe at School Food Company is simple…

We provide freshly prepared meals that are tasty and nutritious and, most importantly, meals that appeal to children.


Fresh Food You Can Trust

Meals are free from controversial additives and trans-fats and over 75% of dishes are freshly prepared on site.


Environmentally Sustainable and Ethical Food

We serve food which meets or exceeds UK animal welfare standards.  Our menus help to lower carbon emissions and pollution and, where organic ingredients are used, increase levels of biodiversity.


Championing Local Food Producers

We champion local produce and producers where possible.  This is an investment in the local community and local economy and is a way to reconnect people with where their food comes from and how it is produced.


Making Healthy Eating Easier

Our menus make it easier for children to choose healthy meals free from trans-fats and undesirable additives.  The emphasis is on serving an appetising and nutritious balance of good quality, freshly prepared foods rather than on providing nutritionally reformulated processed foods.


Whole School Approach

We work closely with our schools in delivering a Whole School Approach to good food; this includes provision of class based cooking workshops and educational farm links to our suppliers.


Soil Association Approved
School Food Company hold the Soil Association’s Silver Catering Mark.  The Catering Mark provides an independent endorsement that food providers are taking steps to improve the food they serve, using fresh ingredients which are free from undesirable additives and trans-fats, are better for animal welfare, and comply with national nutritional standards.


New Government Standards for Food – January 2015

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