Gorsey Bank Primary School in Wilmslow has officially been rated as Outstanding by Ofsted, in the school’s latest inspection.   

A two-day inspection, involving three inspectors from Ofsted, concluded with a glowing report on the outstanding practices in place across all areas of the school. 

The report highlights that all pupils thrive at Gorsey Bank Primary School and that ‘their conduct helps to create a palpable sense of purpose throughout the school.’ The report goes on to say that ‘pupils leave the school at the end of Year 6 as well-rounded, thoughtful and knowledgeable individuals.’ 

Throughout the inspection, which took place on the 16th and 17th of May 2023, inspectors stated that ‘leaders have carefully constructed a curriculum that makes clear the knowledge that pupils need to know and remember from the moment they start in the Reception Year to the end of Year 6.’ 

The report highlights a wide range of areas where the school is excelling to provide the very best educational opportunities for pupils and how they are well prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the outside world, which goes on to state: 


  • children in the early years settle into school routines effortlessly 
  • pupils embrace their various leadership responsibilities. For example, they enjoy acting as members of different parliamentary groups 
  • pupils make a highly tangible contribution to the life of the school through these roles   
  • curriculum leaders have considerable subject expertise. They make effective use of up-to-date research to underpin their curriculum thinking 
  • pupils are highly equipped to embrace the challenges of the key stage 3 curriculum 
  • staff, including those who are new to teaching, were overwhelmingly positive about the support and consideration that they receive from leaders 
  • parents and carers who shared their views with inspectors would readily recommend this school to others. They feel privileged that their community is served by this outstanding school. 


Head of School, Joe Maguire said:  

“This is a moment of great pride for everyone associated with the school. It is a greatly appreciated recognition of the ongoing hard work and endless dedication of our amazing pupils, our staff and parents.”  

The full report can be found here: Gorsey Bank Primary School Ofsted Report 2023

Gorsey Bank Primary School pupils taking part in a music lesson.

Gorsey Bank Primary School pupils taking part in a music lesson.