Aspirations Week

Gorsey Bank pupils experienced different engaging activities to help them see what they aspire to do as a job when they grow up.

Aspirations Week is a bi-annual event we have run for many years intended to encourage our pupils to aim for great things both for themselves and the people and communities around them. This is done predominantly through an array of visitors who come in to school with inspiring stories about how their roles make a positive difference to the lives of others. This year we had the fire service come in and a real-life crime scene investigator as well as volunteers from local organisations including Park Run, Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary and Wilmslow Youth.


Faith Bell, our Deputy Head Teacher organised these visits and Aspiration Week itself- “it’s really important that our children are aspirational not just for themselves but also for the people around them and the communities in which they live. So many aspects of what makes the Wilmslow area such an amazing place for the children are only there thanks to volunteers giving up their time and we think it’s important the children recognise this and even develop thoughts and ideas of their own as to how they might contribute in a similar way in their future lives”.


Thank you to all our visitors who helped the pupils understand the importance of having aspirations and also teaching them about their job roles and their day to day lives. We would also like to add that the pupils really enjoyed taking part in the activities and meeting all our special guests, we look forward to next year.


Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary giving an assembly to Gorsey Bank pupils

Gorsey Bank pupils stood infront of a Fire Engine