On 25th May, pupils from Gorsey Bank’s Department for Education went on an exciting trip to the Hay Festival.

After years of trying, we were lucky enough to get tickets to the much-anticipated event!

The Hay Festival is an international celebration that brings readers and writers together to share stories and ideas.

It comes to the UK in May and is the biggest book festival of the year, so we were thrilled to be able to attend!

The festivities begin!

The day started bright and early, with a coach full of excited pupils setting off at 5am for South Wales.

The first event of the day was an interactive session with Chae Strathie.

It started with songs and stories from the medieval times, then the audience worked together to design a monster.

Afterwards, they got to meet Chae and get Year 5’s copy of ‘A Kid’s Life in a Medieval Castle’ signed!

A collage. On the left, Gorsey Bank pupils are gathered around author Chae Strathie who is sat at a table holding up a copy of his book. On the right, Chae is giving his talk to an audience. Next to him is a big piece of paper with a drawing of a monster on it.

Pupils then spent their lunchtime enjoying some of the new books they had picked up as they waited for the next event.

Everyone was very excited for the next session – a streamed event with Bear Grylls!

A collage. On the Left, two pupils sit in sun loungers smiling and holding up their new books that they read over lunchtime. On the right, A big audience is gathered in a dark room with blue lighting. A big projector screen shows Bear Grylls in the middle of a talk.

He gave a powerful talk about embracing fears, following your dreams, and never giving up.

To end what was a brilliant day, the group attended a fantastic talk by SF Said.

During the talk, the author shared his passion for reading and told everyone about his life.

Pupils were fascinated by his journey from being a young reader and lover of books to an award-winning author.

They were lucky enough to meet him after the talk and he told them that being a reader is the most important thing for being a writer.

A collage. On the left, SF Said is stood on stage as he talks to a big audience in a busy tent. On the right, Gorsey Bank pupils are gathered around author SF Said who is sat at a table holding up a copy of his book.

What an amazing experience for our pupils!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the teachers who took the pupils to the festival and to the pupils for their endless enthusiasm!