PUPILS at Gorsey Bank Primary School in Wilmslow have donated more than 220 Easter eggs to support local families this Easter holiday 


The school has come together with a local food bank to help struggling families provide Easter eggs for their children during the forthcoming break 


As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to close and families to lose their livelihoodsthis is a time of great hardship for many and one in which luxuries such as Easter eggs may be an expense too far. 


Wilmslow Parish Church facilitates the food bank Food Friend. During the pandemic, the demand on the foodbank has risen.  


Flo Knowles from Food Friend said: “The demand was really high at the beginning of the pandemic. The donation is fantastic especially at this time of year, with the kids coming back into school, and for people that have been struggling it will be really lovely to have something that will cheer them up over Easter.”  


Gorsey Bank pupils fundraise for nominated charities throughout the year but this time wanted to help a cause that can impact people in their own community.  


Joe Maguire, Head Teacher at Gorsey Bank, said: “Our pupils are very aware of the current economic climate and expressed interest in helping other children who may not receive as much as them. The Easter egg donation was a simple task but one that could make another child’s Easter holiday great. 


“We encourage our pupils to think about the community they live in and beyond. As well as our ongoing support for the Ronald McDonald House Charity, we recently we raised awareness of Red Nose Day and our pupils considered what life is like for children their age in different countries.”

Picture caption 1: (Left to Right) Flo Knowles from Food Friends, pupils Alfie and Bella and Head of School Joe Maguire  

Picture caption 2: Pupils Alfie and Bella with the Easter egg collection ready for the foodbank organisers to arrive