In recent sporting events, we have had many victories from our pupils that we believe should be celebrated. As a school we encourage pupils to have a passion for sport. We are extremely proud of everyone who took part and everyone who has won an award, congratulations!


We entered the Macclesfield School Sports Partnership Gymnastics Competition, where we had both teams and individuals competing.  We are pleased to say that both our Year 3/4 team as well as our Year 5/6 won first place, as well as Lucy from Year 6 and Millie from Year 4 who both took the overall Golds for their age category! These children then qualified for the Cheshire County Finals. 

We are also pleased to announce that at the Cheshire County finals, our Year 5/6 team were crowned Cheshire Champions! 

Gorsey pupils accepting awards at Gymnastics.


We are proud to announce that our Yr 6 football team have been crowned Champions of the Wilmslow Educated Partnership, after playing 6 rounds of matches between September and April. We started off slow at the start of the season but due to the unwavering determination of the team, they grew stronger as a team, and in the last three rounds, won every match they played. 

Gorsey Bank Footballers on pitch.



We are extremely impressed by our Year 4 Cricket team who became Wilmslow school Champions, after scoring a huge number of runs with an impressive number of 6’s scored, not to mention some incredible fielding!

Gorsey Bank Cricketers on field.