Say No to Racism Day

Last week, for ‘Say No to Racism Day’, the pupils at Gorsey Bank Primary School joined the nation in wearing red to raise awareness and to remind everyone that we are all equal.

Say No to Racism Day, is a national event, that everyone at Gorsey Bank takes part in annually as part of our broader approach to promoting equality and diversity in school.

Ensuring our pupils are appreciative of the diversity around them, and beyond, is a core thread within our curriculum and establishing a truly inclusive culture in which all our pupils feel a strong sense of belonging is central to so much of what we do at Gorsey Bank every day.

Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) is the UK’s leading Anti- Racism Educational Charity. Founded in 1996 with help from Shaka Hislop, former Newcastle United Goalkeeper, who had experienced racial abuse. SRtRC uses the high-profile status of football and its players to help tackle racism in society.

Wear Red Day is a celebratory awareness day, which happens on 20th October every year, where people are encouraged to wear red to show they are proud to be anti-racist.

The charity teaches that we all have a right and responsibility to call out racism, and not allow or enable it to happen.

Alongside Wear Red Day, we studied the book ‘Our Skin’ written by Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli and Isabel Roxas which contains key messages supporting the anti-racism campaign. The book breaks race and racism down into simple terms and begins by asking readers to think about their skin and the skin of the people in their families.


Our Skin Book