Welcome to Year 2


Welcome to Year 2 and the Autumn term!


Miss Watkins and Mrs Hampton-Joyce are the class teachers in Year 2. We also have Miss Chadwick who will be working as an Associate Teacher.

There are many other adults who also work in our team. We are taught by Mrs Savin and Miss Cheetham every Thursday for part of the day. We also have Miss Tetley and Mrs Coates (Teaching Assistants) who work with us during the week.




This Year we will visit the school library at least once a week– please remember to have your library book in your bags. School reading books will be changed weekly during Guided Reading sessions.

We are timetabled to have PE every Thursday and Friday, but please have both your indoor and outdoor PE kit in school every day, as plans may change!

Home Learning and Spellings are sent home on a Wednesday, due for the following Monday.



Autumn Term 1 – Discovery

Our theme this term is ‘Discovery’ and as Year 2 begins we will be setting off on a very exciting voyage of discovery to ‘Grandad’s Island’. Along the way we will meet some scary pirate dinosaurs and a brave boy named Flinn. We will learn about great women who have changed History and dive into a world of magic with Harry Potter and his friends! Our discoveries don’t stop there as we will use beautifully illustrated Map books and google expeditions to learn more about the world around us. Our inspirational texts for this term will inspire our learning across the curriculum.

We will learn about the characters within the books by writing exciting character descriptions and we will turn our hand to story writing to retell and create our own stories. We will explore the continents and oceans of the world and consider where our own adventure island may be. Our Science topic is Animals including Humans and we will take inspirational from the jungle in Grandad’s Island to learn about different animals, their habitats and what they need to survive, as well as learning about the impact of global warming around the world. In History, we will explore discoveries of the past and learn about real life explorers. We will also use Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs as a stimulus to invent our own trap designs. There will also be many other fantastic opportunities to develop cross curricular links across all other subject areas.

There will be lots of exciting learning going on in Year 2 this term, please visit our blog or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with our discoveries.

Gorsey Year 2