Last week, Gorsey Bank was full of excitement as World Book Day celebrations took over the school!

World Book Day is a campaign that changes lives through a love of books and reading.

Pupils and staff dressed as characters from their favourite books to mark the occasion.

The children got stuck in to reading-themed activities, including reading buddy sessions between older and younger pupils, designing posters of book characters, themed class discussions, letter writing and so much more!

As part of our celebrations, we asked some of our favourite authors to finish the sentence:

‘Reading is…’

Here’s what they had to say!

‘Reading is ….’

Matt Goodfellow: Reading is… adventure

Ross Montgomery: Reading is… the chance to live a million lives

Tom Percival: Reading is… mind-expanding

Maz Evans: Reading is… whatever you want! It doesn’t matter what you read – books, poems, books with facts, graphic novels, newspapers, back of the milk carton – just get those words into your brilliant brains!

Onjali Rauf: Reading is… finding friends you never knew existed, and a home built of pages for your imagination to fly free in.

Mini Grey: Reading is… the human superpower. We get to share what all the people have thought and found out, it’s a technology that gives us enormous collective knowledge. But it’s also enormous fun!

David Litchfield: Reading is… my happy place

Phil Earle: Reading is… playtime

Robin Stevens: Reading is… wonderful

Libby Scott: Reading is… indulging your imagination

Ross Welford: Reading is… real magic!

Dapo Adeola: Reading is… liberating!

Sophie Anderson: Reading is… world-expanding!

Jennifer Bell: Reading is… the best thing ever!

Jess Butterworth: Reading is… wonder and magic. You get to explore worlds, meet people and animals, have new experiences like climbing mountains or escaping from dragons, without having to go anywhere!

Trudy Ludwig: Reading is… exploring new worlds

Rachel Bright: Reading is… a magic carpet. No matter where your body sits…with a book in your hand, your mind is free to fly!

SF Said: Reading is… EVERYTHING!

Thank you to our school community for supporting World Book Day.

Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes and loved being able to share some of their favourite stories with their peers in a day full of storytelling!

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